Introducing nLight

Revealing new insight into global buyer behaviour to guide you in your quest for growth

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In this article we nLighten on why optimising your portfolio to meet the needs of budget as well as premium shoppers presents even greater scope for growth.


What is nLight?

Finding growth is tough. Manufacturers and retailers are having to work harder just to stand still. Winners must be bolder, more innovative and more agile as they seek out and exploit new opportunities. nLight identifies and sizes emergent consumer purchasing trends globally, enabling marketeers and retailers to rapidly target pockets of growth with positive trajectory and so prioritise action where it will deliver highest return.

What is nLight?

The nLight family

The first generation of 8 nLight clusters are diverse groups of consumers who behave very differently from the norm, whether that’s in terms of the products they buy, the prices they pay or the way in which they shop. They are profiled to yield new insight into purchase motivations and behaviour at category, brand, sku and retailer level to shine new light on trend setting shoppers who lead the pack, not follow it.

What and how much they buy? What and how much they buy?

Conscious Naturals Conscious Naturals
Variety Seekers Variety Seekers
Local Brand Loyalists Local Brand Loyalists

How much they pay? How much they pay?

Premium Pursuers Premium Pursuers
Value Seekers Value Seekers

Where and how they spend it? Where and how they spend it?

Store Hoppers Store Hoppers
Store Regulars Store Regulars
Digital Shoppers Digital Shoppers

Exploits the global reach and scale of BG20 combined with the granularity and richness of Kantar and GfK local datasets

nLight Availability Powered by BG20 Enriched by KWP & Gfk
  • Powered by BG20
    • Defined at total FMCG level
    • 100% purchasing coverage
    • Loyalty based algorithms
    • Globally defined, consistent rule sets
    • Unrivalled scale
    • 86 categories,
      Over 20,000 brands
      More than 10,000 retailers
  • Enriched by Kantar & GfK
    • HH cluster tags on local databases
    • Exploits depth of country datasets
    • › Price, Promo, Media,
      › Channels and Attitudes
    • Delivering relevance and actionability at country level
    •   GfK
  • nLight Availability
    • Currently available in:
    • Brazil
    • China
    • France
    • Germany
    • India
    • Russia
    • UK
    • Other markets available on request

How can nLight help?

Isolates & quantifies emergent trends

  • How many are doing it?
  • Is it big enough to care?
  • Who and where?
  • What's the trajectory… growing or declining?

Reveals category/brand/SKU/retailer performance

  • Where already strong?
  • Where to work harder?

Guides development and execution

  • What's the size of the prize?
  • Where to play and how to win?

nLight insight reveals…

Global meta-trends
Global meta-trends

Revealing size and trajectory of trends globally and quantifying behavioural similarities and differences across key markets

Category Target Profiling
Category Target Profiling

Revealing where you are strong and where weak?

Growth opportunities
Growth opportunities

Guiding strategic decisions on where to prioritise and how to exploit

For more information…

Contact the BG20 team to find out more about nLight and how it can help you in your quest for growth.

To experience nLight in action…

Download Optimise Your Portfolio For Growth, the first in a series of articles accompanying the launch of nLight. In this we explore whether focus at the premium end of the price spectrum is indeed the optimal path to follow, or whether exploiting different price points across a more diversified portfolio represents greater scope for growth.